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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My first post has got to be a warm welcome to everyone, especially those who have caught the home improvement bug. I have just started a newsletter called Home Improve E-Zine and thought that I should join everyone else and start blogging as well.

Home Improve E-Zine
In Home Improve E-Zine you will find articles to help you plan your home improvement project in 2005, also ideas to help you evaluate your home to find the best project to improve your homes value and your family's quality of home life, together with Home Show information and links for March and April. (if you missed the March issue, back issues are available at the website link below)

Our Aim
The aim of this blog is to develop an exchange of home improvement tips and advice to help each other accomplish our home remodeling projects this year, 2005. One massive advantage of a home improve blog is that we can write in for help and see if someone out there knows different methods of solving home improvement challenges.

A Basement Question:
To start the ball rolling I would like to ask: if you have developed your basement, what product did you use to damp-proof the walls and how pleased are you with the outcome, especially if the improvement has gone through and survived a winter. Did you for example: paint on a masonry waterproofer or did you install plastic sheeting?. I think that it is a question that may help many people get started on a very worthwhile project for this summer 2005.

Look forward to hearing from you
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and here is a link to that home improve e-zine to make it easier for you to subscribe:

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