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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Home Improvement Web Site

I was helping a friend over the weekend to finish laying decking boards, after, we put a frame together to make a lattice barrier for plants to grow up - this is when it happened, I was holding two pieces of wood in place and he had the hammer - we were busy talking about a home improvement web site and how he was thinking about writing one when... Wham! the hammer went down and he hit my finger nail instead of the nail... ooch!

A bucket full of ice was the only thing I could stand for the first couple of hours, it's not the first time of course - but the pain doesn't get easier. Hammering in nails is a bit like driving, if you are too worried about barriers and cars beside you - you take your eyes off the road!... you get to where you want to go easier if you look ahead to where you want the car to go.

My mate later explained that he was worried about hitting my finger, so much so that he must have taken his eye off the real nail at the last minute and subconsiously aimed at my finger instead.

Well, there I was with my finger in ice - he finished off a great looking frame and finally we managed to have our talk about him building a home improvement web site - over a nice cup of tea. I explained to him that I started to build my site - home-improvement-and-financing.com - after I had read a FREE course giving up-to-date information on the easiest way to build a quality information rich web site.

"FREE" he said, "Yes" I said, totally and without obligation, "Well," he said - "and where can I get my hands on this great information then!", "easy", I said - "just take a look at FREE Affiliate Marketing ebook, follow the easy instructions when you are there to download the quality information and settle yourself down in your comfy chair ready for a great read".

Well, I haven't seen much of him since, I know he downloaded the ebook and I have heard that there is no talking to him now that he is studying it... I do get the odd call about "have you read this part", "what do I think of that" - hey - I am happy for him and it would be nice to have another good quality home improvement web site out there but the other day he started talking about motor bikes so I am not quite sure which category on the world wide web is going to benefit from his knowledge but I know it will be good.

If you have an idea for a business or hobby web site of your own... why not download a copy for yourself - it only takes a few minutes, it's in a really easy to read format and actually it's incredibly interesting - its at FREE Affiliate Marketing ebook.

To your building success
Home Improvement and Financing.com

Friday, June 24, 2005

Home Improvement Idea

It's Friday again and a great time for a beer or a glass of wine sitting in your garden (weather permitting!) as you unwind from your busy week. If you haven't decided already - maybe you are talking over what you want to do over the weekend.

If your conversation turns to a great home improvement idea then grasp the thought and run with it - the feeling of accomplishment you are going to feel when it's back to work on Monday will be well worth the effort you are going to put into the project - however big or small.

If change is as good as a rest - why not get out into the garden - enjoy the fresh air and get on building that deck design you have been working on. Maybe you will be measuring ground space for your new gazebo or pergola and checking your list of materials before purchasing for your big summer project...

It's certainly a great time with the summer still ahead to make your own home improvement idea into a reality and hey! a little encouragement can sometimes go a long way. There are financing benefits to some home improvement ideas and quality of life benefits to others - either way you get a great sense of achievement... and that's priceless...

But, don't forget - it's always - safety first and measure, measure and measure again before you make that unforgiving cut!

Enjoy building your home improvement idea - and if you are looking for ideas and tips on projects big and small - then I invite you to browse around Home Improvement Ideas and Financing Options to help you find the right project to improve your home.

Enjoy the weekend
Home Improvement Ideas and Financing Options

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Deck Building Footings Options

Millions of us will be busy preparing deck building footings to start our deck design construction this summer - but how many people will be preparing firm foundation for their decking which will help their outdoor construction stand the test of time and add quality of home life with the stability of solid - cemented in - deck building footings.

It's a myth that it is easier to build a pallet deck design that just sits on concrete blocks than it is to start with inground concrete footings firmly connected to your decking via your decking posts and the J bolt through the post anchor.

It's much easier to build a deck true and square with carefully measured concrete footings - and end up with a deck to be proud of and that will feel is solid when you entertain on it with a group of people - than to try to stop a free-floating deck from creaking and rocking as the unbolted wood starts to move through the seasons.

Build a deck design that will become an asset to your family and your home by starting with the right Deck Building Footings - this article describes and has illustrations regarding the main 4 decking foundation options, you already know which we prefer so read the article so that you can decide for yourself.

Wishing you all deck building success...
Home Improvement and Financing.com

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Deck Design Idea

If you are planning to build a deck at your home this summer then a good deck design idea will help you decide where to build and perhaps even how big. One of the wonderful things about a deck design idea is that if you plan carefully you could add on year after year to emcompass a hot tub or decking around a swimming pool.

One of the first images that comes to mind when thinking about a deck design idea is to build up against your home and a patio deck is very useful and great for parties, but you could also build a free standing ground level deck virtually any where in your garden (permits permitting) - perhaps in a far corner to take advantage of the evening sun on those long summer nights, or to give you a quiet place to sit and read.

We have written numerous articles regarding deck design, deck railing designs and on choosing your decking timber - and you can reach them all by taking a look at Deck Design Idea

Enjoy your deck design idea this summer
Home Improvement and Financing.com

Make you own Home Improvement Web site

Have you ever wanted a Home Improvement Web site of your own or do you have other ideas about the type of web site you would be most interested in. It's possible to create a web site without learning HTML - rather like the way blog writers write blogs by just logging on and writing - would you like a web site along the lines of virtually any theme that you may have some knowledge and interest in.

If you have never created a Web site before and...

Or - if you have a Web site but...

Here is a useful article that could help you whatever your present situation is, take a look at this Make Your Own Web Site Information to find out what is the easiest way to get you started, one of the best parts is reading about other peoples experiences.

I built my own web site and now I am able to work from my home surrounded by all five of my dogs, I am not alone - my partner also works from our home and you can too - it really can be a life changing experience, it's certainly improved the quality of our lives.

You could write about Kitchens, Bathrooms, Gardening, Travel, Bowling - whatever truly interests you, anyway it's easier to decide with the step-by-step guide book. Just don't leave it any longer, build and create your own web site this year in 2005 and by doing it the right way you could be creating a successful business for yourself.

Wishing you web site success
Home Improvement and Financing.com

Gutter Cleaning - in 4 easy FUN steps

Gutter cleaning has been on my mind, I know I have urged folks to get this sometimes messy job done and out of the way earlier this year - but I also know that it is one of those tasks that keeps getting put off.

To help inspire you to clean out and prepare your gutters so that they never become such a big problem again I have prepared an easy to follow step-by-step guide - using fun gadgets - to help you get the job done.

If you could clean out your gutters now in minutes with the fast action of a gutter pump and if you then installed an easy snap-on gutter screen or gutter cover - your life of gutter cleaning would be virtually over.

Your 4 easy steps to an easier gutter cleaning life is here at Gutter Cleaning Guide

Don't let this develop into a problem with green mold developing down the side of your walls and the inside smelling of damp, protect your home and your health by unclogging your gutters today.

"Invest in your Nest" with clever Home Improvements and good Home Maintenance.

Home Improvement and Financing.com
Home Improve E-zine

Too ill to Home Improve too sick to blog

I have just recovered from a heavy early summer flu and I hope that's it for this year and thank goodness I wasn't right in the middle of a big home improvement project at the time... - it reminded me of another time when I wasn't so lucky and I can tell you that...

It's great to start a new project with energy and enthusiasm but the truth is we never know when something unfortunate might happen, be it an onsite injury or an everyday flu bug like mine. We need to take the time to recover and regain our strength before we lift up the hammer and nails again.

Contingency plans are important for all home improvement projects - big and small - If you are doing a project by yourself - please remember that your health and safety should always come first. If you have employed a contractor it's important to make sure that anyone working at your home has the proper license and health and safety certificates. You can get more information here on Home Improvement Contractors

Until next time - keep taking the vitamins and...

Wishing you all great home improvement success

"Invest in your Nest in 2005"
Home Improvement and Financing.com

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Home Improvement Projects

Holidays are a great time to recharge your batteries and talk over home improvement projects, even short breaks can give you the opportunity to visit family and friends and invariably talk turns to what plans we each have for this summer.

It's an exciting time, the summer is still ahead and you face the possibility that in a few months you could create much more living space for you and your family by expanding your existing home.

There are so many great home improvement projects, the kitchen however is still the number one project, but not just as a refurbishement of the existing space but completely opeing up or even expanding out to create dream kitchens with family dining and living space.

The kitchen is often one of the easiest rooms to extend simply because the majority are at the rear of the property overlooking the backgarden. Planning is usually easier for this same reason as work is done out of sight of and doesn't alter the look of the home from the street.

If you haven't visited someone in a while you may be pleasantly surprised to find that they have built themselves a new master bedroom with en-suite as an attic conversion or maybe they have developed their basement into a home office or playroom for the children.

When you approach a home for the first time in a while you may not even notice that an extension has been built on to the side or over the garage, especially if it has been built sympathetically by using bricks and building techniques matching the exisiting property.

If you are looking for ideas for home improvement projects and want a better idea about which improvements could improve the value to your home and which are done mainly to improve quality of home life - take a look at a whole load of free information articles on different aspects of home improvement projects and home improvement financing at Home Improvement Financing.com

"Invest in your Nest", take the plunge in 2005 so that you can enjoy life in your own dream home, you know that old Irish saying? "You Can't Plough a Field by Turning it Over in your Mind..."

To your Building Success
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Home Improvement Financing.com