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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kitchen Island Design

Are Kitchens really coming OFF the wall!

There is an ever growing trend for a full Kitchen Island Design instead of having all the kitchen work surfaces facing the wall... can you imagine completely turning your kitchen inside out.

Instead of having an empty floor space in the middle of the room surrounded by base cupboards, kitchen counters and wall cabinets - you could change in all around - lose most of the wall cupboards and cabinets and work around one big center kitchen unit.

One big advantage of a Kitchen Island Design is that you are creating a much more social kitchen - the island will be one complete level piece or could be split leveled. One half is for the family chef and the other half is used as a breakfast (or any meal) bar.

At the chef's side you will find a drawers top to bottom of the unit - some big enough for pots and pans, every day plates, crockery and kitchen utensils - special knife drawers could have safety catches to keep your best choppers away from little fingers.

Often you also have place for spice jars, vegetables and the daily bread and kitchen cloths, everything easy to reach.

What is important about the cook's side of a kitchen island design is that everything that you usually use when cooking is easily 'at hand' whenever you need it!

In smaller kitchens the kitchen island design is often a compromise in that it may be attached to the outer kitchen cabinets at one side - but can still be effective enough for you to gain all the advantages of a kitchen island design even in limited spaces.

If you want to have a look at basic kitchen island plans for large and luxurious kitchens and also a kitchen island idea for small kitchens then go ahead and take a look at the full article at Kitchen Island design

It can mean a radical change in planning - especially if you have always been used to having all your kitchen cupboards and kitchen cabinets screwed to the wall.

Instead of bending over kitchen counters under artificial light and banging your head on the wall cabinets - there is so much more enjoyment from working in a well lit open space, with all the family gathered around your very own special Kitchen Island design

The kitchens of the future will all styled around an innovative Kitchen Island Design

Enjoy preparing your very own kitchen island design

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