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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Pergolas are wonderful constructions that can totally change the look of your home and change the way you use your outdoor living space. If you are thinking about adding a pergola to your home, then don't hold back... it's a great idea!

There is little that can have so much positive impact and at the same time be such an easy build than an esthetically appealing, typically flat roofed wooden pergola.

A deck or a patio area outside your home provides you with some good clean ground or above ground space where you and your family can sit out and enjoy the garden in full bloom in the sunshine.

If you want to use your outdoor living space for more than just sitting in the sun then you need to provide your patio of deck area with some sort of shade shelter.

Nothing can be adapted so easily to the many different types of architecture of different styles of homes than a pergola.

Plain designed pergolas with straight cut beam and rafter ends, show well against a more modern home and are often painted to suit the environment. Green, amber and purple are popular colors and tones of colors that can work well linking the home and the garden.

More ornate pergolas, with beautifully crafted beams give an elegent shade shelter to country style homes, these wooden pergolas are built using wood that has been sealed and even tone tinted - where you protect the wood and still enjoy the attractive grain.

The simplicity of the design of pergolas means an enourmous amount of flexibility of size, height and placement. An original pergola structure can be expanded down to another level and even be built to provide shade for your car.

A pergola gives a different dimension to your outdoor living space with climbing plants and hanging baskets - and can become an oasis garden room where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Find out how you can build your own pergolas and how you can make an individual design statement by adding your own carving ideas to beams and rafters ends.

How you can create a pergola open to the stars... or use a variety of materials to provide more shade from the sun, we have the articles and pergola pictures that give you the ideas.

As far as the design of pergolas go, the world is your oyster - when you understand the many building options and basics of How to Build Pergolas with our series of articles and including our Free Pergola Plans.

But please remember - as always, your safety is more important than your project, know your power tools and always wear and use your safety equipment.

Invest in your Nest and enjoy building Pergolas !

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