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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Deck Beam Options

Understanding deck beam options before you start to deck building could help save you both time and money. The Deck Beam sits on the solid deck footings that you have prepared and carries the joists - giving support to the surface decking.

But... do you want to build a "Corner Post Deck" or a "Cantilevered Deck"!, or - does your local building office insist that you place your deck beam directly on top of your deck posts by using post beam caps!

There are advantages to all these three methods of deck beam positioning in deck building design. The Corner Post Deck is without a doubt the easiest "starter" method but you can't beat the fact that the Cantilevered Deck gives a much better look and finish to your deck design.

It's always easier to explain the difference with information together with illustrations - take a look at Deck Beam Options to help you decide on a method which will best suit your home and your deck building aspirations.

To your deck building success!
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