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Friday, April 29, 2005

Wood Deck Design

Discover why preparing proper foundations for your wood deck design is the only way to build a ground level deck and how it will benefit you and your home.

Realize your dream this year by building your very own wood deck design - one of the TOP home improvement projects this summer - and be proud of your achievements by starting your project the right way.

A wood deck design is the quickest and easiest way to update your home and take advantage of your outdoor living space - and if you start planning now you could have your deck ready for those lovely hot summer evenings.

Find out now how permits will help you, why anchoring your wood design deck is so important and how easy it is to get your anchor ledger, concrete footings and post anchors in place, level and square - to build a Wood Deck Design Success

Here's to your deck inauguration party this summer...
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Bathroom Shower Curtain

When is a bathroom shower curtain more than just a curtain! - well, when it becomes an integral part of your bathroom remodeling and an asset to your bathroom accessory theme, but it can be more than that if you choose the right material that is going to do what it is supposed to do and not stick to you when you are in the shower.

Treat yourself to a classic chic design Bathroom Shower Curtain of a material that will work for you - that you can throw in the washing mashine and freshen up like new whenever you need to - AND why not change it when washing day comes with one of a vast range of very amusing off beat shower curtain designs available today!...

To give you some bathroom design ideas to help you decide which new look is going to be right to especially personalize your bathroom take a look at some Bathroom Colors and bathroom suggestions for both chic adult and fun family orientated themes to work with the bathroom shower curtain you choose...

We just love great innovative bathroom design ideas!
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We are an information - home improvement tips and ideas website here to help you...

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Deck Railing Designs

Personalise your deck with unique Deck Railing Designs, a wonderful way to individualize your deck design. Many materials are now available to help you create your own special look.

You can take a look at drawing for ideas and material options here at Deck Railing Designs

Traditional wood, metal or glass balusters - discover the benefits of using different materials to enhance your deck railing designs and complete your deck design project with that extra special touch.

Happy Decks
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Loft Conversion

We love Loft Conversion projects so when Martin Meaks of the English planning approval office wrote an article on " A Loft Conversion in UK Properties we just knew that we just had to bring it to your attention.

He asks the question - "Do They Add Value?", the question that all homeowners with an undeveloped loft are asking themselves. Find out if your loft could become your new double bedroom with en-suite or your home office or simply a useful space where you could set up your train set here at Loft Conversion

Get an insight into planning permits, what you can do and what you should do to make your loft conversion a success for your home and a great investment for your future.

There's money in that there loft..., is there money in yours?
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Home Mortgage

If you bought your home mortage quite a while ago and are wondering if there is a way to improve your circumstances by reducing your repayment rates - maybe to free up some cash to be able to do some home improvements or go on holiday then perhaps a quick refresher on present day home mortgage tems will give you a great start.

Did someone mention to you the other day about the BiWeekly Mortgage and it's benefits and you wanted to know the full story...

Find out about the Jumbo or Interest Only home mortgage, our article goes into 18 of the most common ones and their uses. Making a change now could save you thousands but you'll never know until you take a good new look at your Home Mortgage

Make your home mortgage work for you...
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Swimming Pool

Have you ever wondered if the luxury of installing a swimming pool in your garden will actually improve the value of your home, improve it's saleability or just simply improve the quality of your home life then we have the article just for you.

Should you invest in a swimming pool, which type would you choose - tiled or mold, where would you build it - outdoor or indoor, how would you keep your swimming pool heated so that you could use it all year round, these are all important factors to making the installation of a swimming pool at your home a success.

Find out the benefits of an inground swimming pool and an aboveground system, and what other considerations you need to plan for as you decide to take on this wonderful home improvement project - take a look here at Swimming Pool

Have a great swim
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Home Improvement Projects

I have been analysing home improvement projects statistics over the last few months based on what information visitors to Home Improvement and Financing.com are really looking for... and I have come to the conclusion that, however much I like talking about attic conversions and basement remodeling, this year appears to be about three main home improvement projects:- Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling and Building Deck Designs, to this end we are going to go deeper and give our visitors more of what they really want.

Our latest contribution, 'hot off the press', is especially for readers investing in a new kitchen this year, here you can read more about Kitchen Remodeling.

Best Building Wishes
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Monday, April 11, 2005

Home Improvement Tips

Home Improvement Tips can save you time and money, valuable comodities when you are improving your home. If you are in the middle of planning home improvement for this summer - to improve the value of your home or simply to improve the comfort and usefulness of the different spaces in your home - you are going through a process and there is a right way and an easier way to help you survive it all.

In our monthly Home Improvement newsletter we try to list month by month the different stages we might all be experiencing as we work to make out dreams come true. There just might be something there that helps reminds you to get a job done to make the whole remodeling and building go smoother as you proceed through the summer.

This month's special project article is our home improvement tips on how to evaluate your home for an Attic Conversion - PLUS - a smaller but vital job you must do about your home now as part of your spring home maintenance.

Don't miss the Home Shows still to come during the remainder of April and our full list for home improvement shows in May, there are so many... and all around the world, the advantages of a Home Show are tremendous, head to head with experts and the latest tools and equipment you will get all the help and advice direct from the professionals at the show.

The next issue of our on-line magazine is coming out on the 15th April, so hope you enjoy our efforts in this months Home Improvement E-zine - it's yours totally F*R*E*E so make sure you get your copy here at Home Improve E-Zine after you subscribe you will recieve an e-mail message from us where you will have to confirm your subscription to make sure your copy comes straight to you - full of home improvement tips - every month.

All best building wishes
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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Solar Attic Fan

You may have dreamed of a solar attic fan everytime you have climbed into your attic and found hot, dusty air trapped up there. A really economical way to get a good fresh air flow to cool down your attic in the summer and reduce condensation in the winter is to instal ventillation, and there is nothing more economical than the once only cost of a solar attic fan.

You buy it - you instal it and that's it. No wiring to worry about, no power is required so your bills don't go up and best of all, as it helps keep you attic cool in the summer and takes out all that build up of hot air - you air conditioning machines don't have to work so hard and you might well see a reduction in your monthly cooling cost.

For a converted or unconverted attic the solar attic fan is the answer, it will help prevent moisture build-up through condensation and you will have less problems with wood rot and mold in your rafters. You can read the full story here at Solar Attic Fan

A solar fan can be install in many places including a sunroom, workshop, barn and garage, and best of all the sun takes care of the cost...

Susan from Home Improvement and Financing.com

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Attic Conversion

By popular demand I have just added a new page to our home improvement website about attic conversions. This sounds like it is really going to be a popular home improvement remodeling project for spring - summer 2005. You can take a look at this article - which is especially to help you evaluate your attic for its conversion potential - here at Evaluate your home for an Attic Conversion.

Converting your attic does of course require you bring in the professionals after you have had your initial look, they will guide you through what needs to be done to make and maintain a structurally safe conversion which is what you and your local planning office will want.

Attic conversion is an exciting project and you will all enjoy the results

Arpad from Home Improvement and financing.com