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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Solar Attic Fan

You may have dreamed of a solar attic fan everytime you have climbed into your attic and found hot, dusty air trapped up there. A really economical way to get a good fresh air flow to cool down your attic in the summer and reduce condensation in the winter is to instal ventillation, and there is nothing more economical than the once only cost of a solar attic fan.

You buy it - you instal it and that's it. No wiring to worry about, no power is required so your bills don't go up and best of all, as it helps keep you attic cool in the summer and takes out all that build up of hot air - you air conditioning machines don't have to work so hard and you might well see a reduction in your monthly cooling cost.

For a converted or unconverted attic the solar attic fan is the answer, it will help prevent moisture build-up through condensation and you will have less problems with wood rot and mold in your rafters. You can read the full story here at Solar Attic Fan

A solar fan can be install in many places including a sunroom, workshop, barn and garage, and best of all the sun takes care of the cost...

Susan from Home Improvement and Financing.com

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