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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Home Improvement Tips, when to use a nail instead of a scew!

Anyone got any ideas on this debate... Well we would nearly always use screws over nails for every home improvement or home remodeling job that comes to mind except perhaps one...

We always use nails to settle roof tiles, just a few taps with a tack nail and they are in place, the real advantage of using the nail is discovered however on the day that you have to carefully try to take tiles off or if you want to replace one without disturbing the others, it's difficult to get screws out without ripping up the tile whereas a nail, with a bit of effort, will lift out leaving you with a roofing tile that you can use again another day!

The nail gun is fast and easy to use... but you still can't beat the screw, its worth the effort to place screws properly for the strength of finish, durability and longevity they give you.

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