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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Loft Conversion / Attic Conversion

If you are planning to convert your attic into viable living space this summer you may be interested to know that we are running a series of articles in both our April issue of Home Improve E-zine which you can subscribe to here at Home Improve E-Zine, and on our home improvement website at Home Improvement and financing.com

We all want more space to meet our needs in 2005 and the attic can be comfortably converted to provide you with a home office, en-suite master bedroom, guest room or even a play room for you, they are not just for kids...

But there are a few important factors to take into consideration when assessing your attic or loft to see if it is viable for conversion or if you really would have to raise the roof to get the job done or lose a box room to create enough space for access to your attic loft that complies with building rules...

It's going to be exciting so make sure you subscribe in time for the april issue and we will also let you know everytime we publish NEW related attic loft articles on our website.

Build you dreams come true in 2005
Home Improvement and financing.com

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