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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Loft Bed Plan

Are you looking for the Ultimate Loft Bed Plan? - people around the globe are coming to the end of their summer home improvement projects and if you have been working on a loft conversion you may be wondering how you are going to get a decent sized double bed up into your attic conversion space...

Even with access complying with local building regulations - as yours should do... it is still very difficult to find a stable full loft bed that will fit "whole" - up into the space.

Your full size loft bed should compliment your new loft conversion and make this very special new space into a master suite or guest bedroom - any type of camper bed just won't do!.

The very best way is to find a complete loft bed plan that provides you with all the information you need for an easy to make pine loft bed plan frame that is totally dismountable and can easily be moved in pieces up into your attic conversion space.

This loft bed plan needs to provide you with a bed that can then be re-assembled in minutes to give you a solid king sized double loft bed - as stable or more so than any shop bought bed.

The loft bed plan should be so good that the quality of the loft bed you make should be more than good enough for any bedroom in your home - if this is what you are looking for - then we have the loft bed plan for you.

What we are describing is an easy to make absolutely "free loft bed plan" and it makes up into a very generous full size loft bed. If you want to know how to build a loft bed - we have written five articles giving detailed information that you won't want to miss.

If you are wondering why a simple loft bed plan needs 5 articles well... basically it is because this project took on a life of it's own for us when we realised that we had 18 step-by-step "how to" photographs and 5 detailed illustrations with all the measurements required - and all this is now ready to share with you.

Our Loft bed plan is based on a bed we made over 10 years ago, it is made out of pine which can be left with a natural varnished finish or painted to suit the color scheme and decor of your loft conversion.

We have moved the bed 3 times over the years and it was incredibly quick and easy to manuver and took less than 5 minutes to re-assemble each time.

This bed is still as strong and stable now as the day it was made all those years ago.

If you have spent money, time and energy working on a loft conversion - you deserve a loft bed plan which will give you the best night sleep ever in your newly remodeled space.

And your good nights sleep starts here at Free Loft Bed Plan

The simple sleek lines of the loft bed plan make it a simple make and have stood the test of time and trends.

- you can do it yourself or ask someone locally to prepare the wood for you - then it's just a matter of attaching hardware like that detailed in our articles and you will have your own ultimate full loft bed plan...


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